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Tile Roof

Tile roofs often give a home a timeless and unique feel that adds to its elegance and character. You don't see a tile roof in all areas across the country; some areas only use specific roofing materials, such as the Southwest, where you see more Spanish tile roofs than anything other tile options.

The Basics Of Tile Roofs

A tile roof will often give a property a Mediterranean or Spanish feel. There is a wide selection of finishes and colors available, which adds to their popularity. The advantage to the tile roof is its ability to look similar to wood or even slate. The tile shapes vary as well, enabling homeowners to create a unique roof to enhance their property.

Tile Roof Prices

A tile roof can vary dramatically in price from between $6.25 and $12.25 per square foot - this price includes installation. The tiles are fragile and heavy; therefore it's essential that a roofing contractor with experience with this type of roofing material is used to ensure the job is completed to the highest level. While a tile roof is considered an expensive option, they do last more than seventy years in most cases, making them a worthwhile investment.

== Price Range: $6.25 and $12.25 psf installed --

Elegant Look

The distinct and elegant look of many tile roofs is the main reason so many homeowners choose this material for their homes. They are exceptionally durable; they have a long life span and offer good insulation.


A tile roof is considered very durable, another of the reasons they are so popular in the US today. The tile material is fire resistant, making it the ideal choice in areas which suffer with regular wild fires. The clay tile options are preferred in warmer climates because they have the ability to absorb water, helping keep the home cooler during the hot summer months. In areas that experience earthquakes, concrete tiles should be eliminated from the options list.

Energy Efficiency

A tile roof can offer customers an energy efficient roofing option. These roofs offer good insulation properties and are able to keep a home warm during winter and cool during summer. With some of the tiles being manufactured using natural materials, there is little impact on the environment.


A tile roof is considered the most versatile roofing choice available and can complement any building. They are long lasting and durable, which outweighs the price.

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