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Slate Roofs

Slate roofs can be visually stunning, last for 100 years and provide a strong and effective roofing material. All of this comes at a price, these tiles are some of the most expensive roofing materials available. Learn more about the basics, costs and advantages that slate roofing offers.

Natural Slate Roof

A natural slate roof offers a classic finish to a property. This type of material can enhance simple structures and can also complement modern architectural masterpieces. The tiles are available in a host of sizes and thicknesses, which mean the price, can vary dramatically, suiting any roofing budget. These roofs also come in a choice of colors. There are browns and grays to blues, purples and reds. They also come in a choice of patterns, enabling the homeowner to choose the slate roof they feel will complement their home.

Natural Slate Roof Prices

A natural slate roof can cost in the region of between $1,000 and $6,000 per square, this works out to around $20 - $35 per square foot. For more detailed pricing information, see our slate roof costs page.

-- Price Range: $15 to $35 psf installed --


Life Span

A slate roof can last for over 150 years when installed properly. With the majority of roofing materials lasting around thirty years, the price paid for the slate roof is worthwhile when it comes to life span.

Fire Resistant

A fire resistant roof is a very important element for many homeowners, especially those that live in arid areas where wildfires are common. The slate roof is fire proof, reducing the risk of the house catching fire from a wildfire spark.

Environmentally Friendly

A slate roof doesn't require the same level of maintenance and repair as other roofing materials, which results in this being an environmentally friendly roofing option. There are no chemicals needed, reducing the environmental impact. Also these roofs are often reused over the years once removed from a property.


Difficult Installation

A slate roof can be a hard installation job, which should only be carried out by a professional contractor with experience when it comes to this type of roofing material. The tiles are fragile when being handled, which means that tiles can break when being installed by someone without adequate experience, increasing the cost of the project. A poor installation job can also lead to other problems down the road including cracks and unwelcomed leaks. A replacement tile can be difficult to find and quick tricky when it comes to installation.

Heavy Material

Natural slate is a heavy material and this must be taken into consideration before a roofing project begins. It's essential that the home is structurally strong enough to hold the weight of a roof of this nature. In some cases modifications may be needed to the main structure before the roof is installed.


Price is a big deciding factor for many homeowners. The price of the materials and the installation costs are higher than many of the other roofing materials available. It's important that everything is taken into consideration including life span, low maintenance and resistance to fire.

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