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Concrete Tile Roof

There are a number of different types and styles of concrete tile roofs, although all of them are made from some combination of sand, limestone, cement and water. These materials are combined together to create tiles that have considerable durability, longevity and visual appeal.

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Types Of Concrete Tile Roofs

These roof tiles can be customized to suit the property style, from a selection of colors to a range of textures. The good thing about these tiles is that the color runs throughout the tile rather than just a coating covering the top of the tile.

High Profile
The high profile option when it comes to concrete roof tiles means they have large curves when you view the roof from the one end. This normally means a height vs. width of up to five, even more.

Low Profile
These roofs have a small curve when you view them from the one end, which normally equates to a height vs. width or less than five.

Flat Profile
There are no curves in these concrete tiles.

Entry To Mid Range Project Cost

Concrete roof tiles tend to be pricier than the other roofing options available, they still remain cheaper than the clay options. The advantages to these tiles compared to their lifespan can outweigh the cost.Click for additional concrete tiles roof costs.

-- $5 - $7.50 psf fully installed --

-- $500 - $700 per square fully installed --

Mid To High End Project Cost

-- $7.50 - $10.50 psf fully installed --

-- $750 - $1,050 per square fully installed --


This material is a top choice for roofing because of its durability. It's a very resistant material that can withstand most weather conditions including heavy rain, temperature fluctuations and high winds. Concrete roof tiles are also exceptionally fire resistant.

Long Life Span

In most cases, these tiles will last at least fifty years, depending on the quality of installation. When installed incorrectly without a battens and underlay system, these roofs could last in the region of forty years, if not less.

Low Maintenance

Concrete roof tiles are a top choice because they are low maintenance. While they do have their problems, repairs are quick to fix. Leaks can be an issue especially when battens haven't been properly installed.

Issues With Moisture

Moisture can be a problem, so it's essential to ensure that the underlay and battens are quality materials. This stops any moisture from getting under the tiles and reducing their life span. While concrete roof tiles are visually appealing and have a good durability factor, they can be difficult when it comes to installation.

Considerable Weight

It's important to note that these tiles are heavy and the roof must be strong enough to withstand the weight. The roof needs adequate support to hold these tiles.

Difficult Installation

The installation of the concrete roofing tiles can be a difficult process due to the weight of these tiles and combined with the fact that they can only be cut using a specialized saw. This is why it's so important to choose an installer that has experience with this specific type of roofing material.

Removal Of Old Roof?
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