Hiring Quality Contractors | 5 Steps To Finding The Best


Hiring Quality Contractors

Use this guide to help hire quality contractors and roofing companies for your next project. Why is this so important? There are a fair number of industry experts who place quality installation and workmanship as more important that the roofing materials themselves. The truth of the matter is that pairing good materials with a quality install is the right combination to any roofing project.

Start With Free Estimates

Each roofing project is unique so take advantage of free estimates and schedule a few (but don't actually make any decisions just yet). 3 or 4 projects bids will not only help educate you about your replacement needs, it will also allow you to compare apples to apples. Take all the bids and look at the cost breakdowns, are out of line? If so, you can consider getting rid of them, unless you really like the contractor and you feel they are worth the extra money. Remember, contractors and roofers can price out projects at any dollar amount they see fit.

Vet The Bids

The next step is to go to one of the following sites - www.contractortalk.com or www.gardenweb.com and post a new topic. Include your project specifics; amount of roofing needed, cost for tear off, type and slope of roof, roofing materials, all additional materials, disposal fee, decorative touches and any additional parts of the project that went into the bid. At the end of the post ask these professionals whether this bid sounds like it is in line with current pricing or whether you need to continue to get more competitive bids. You will be surprised by the wealth of knowledge they have and are usually willing to impart.

Vet The Roofers

Assuming the online contractors gave the bids a thumbs up, it is time the vet the actual roofers. (If they aren't you need more bids) The companies should have a website or facebook page to let you know they are legitimate. Then check online reviews - we suggest at least one of the following; local google reviews, yelp.com (usually these reviews are credible), Angie's List or the BBB website. Ask the roofers for 3 references and then talk to these past clients to make sure they liked the quality of the work and that the work has held up over time.

Final Notes

Ask who is actually doing the installation - is it sub-ed out or will it be done by the contractor himself. It's often a crew that comes in - how long have they worked together? How many jobs have they done similar to yours? Are the installers paid a good hourly rate as opposed to paid by how quickly they can finish a job? You want a crew who is paid well and works quickly. Who is responsible for mistakes made on the job? The contract should state clearly what happens in the case of overages. What is the warranty on the product? What is the warranty on the installation? Get all of these questions answered to your satisfaction and should be well on your way to finding a great roofer!

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