Roof Replacement Basics | 4 Keys To Success


Roof Replacement Basics

Read about roof replacement basics and discover the four most important issues to understand before tackling this home improvement project.

Choosing The Right Material

Roofing materials abound and they all have their appropriate applications. For instance, asphalt shingles are found everywhere and are one of the least expensive options that don't necessarily detract or add to the beauty of a home. They are at the low end of the cost range. Clay tile is often found in the southwest and provides a strong material that is very charming and classy. Clay tiles are roughly in the mid range of roof costs. Slate tiles are one of the most expensive options but provide a very unique looking roof that can last for 100 years or more. Selecting the best material for your home should include a roofing material that you like the look of, is in your price range and will provide the durability and longevity that you need.

Finding The Appropriate Cost Level

Replacement roof projects can run from $3 to $38 per square foot installed. Much of that cost difference is attributable to the cost of the roofing material itself. The more expensive materials tend to last longer and be more durable than the less expensive options. However, contractors can overcharge for an inferior product - one reason why multiple estimates provide you with free bids that you can compare side-by-side and see exactly how the project is broken down and where are the costs go.

Material Price Range : $0.75 to $30 psf

Installation Price Range: $2.25 to $8 psf

Completed Project Price Range: $3 to $38 psf

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Hire The Best Contractor

Perhaps the most important step is finding a quality contractor or roofer who has experience with the specific roofing material you've selected. Suggestions for finding a great roofer include getting recommendation from family and friends, checking Angie's List and Have 3 to 4 roofers come out and provide you with a bid, narrow the search down to the two best companies. Then check their references to make sure that the company does good work that stands the test of time.

Having A Good Contract

When you select a contractor or company for the job, make sure you sign a contract that covers all aspects of the project, including the cost of any and all project aspects, timelines that tie into the payment structure, a warranty on both the materials and workmanship. Many projects structure a contract so that the roofer receives

1/3 money upfront

1/3 money at the halfway point

1/3 once the project is completed to your satisfaction

Getting Estimates & Quotes

In many cases one company may specialize in a number of different roofing materials, while others may only work in one type of roof. Roofing estimates should be completed free of charge, but this offers you the opportunity to ask questions, determine prices, specifics and timelines. advisable to get a number of roofing estimates. These can be compared against each other and you can determine what each company specializes in.

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Tips & Advise

The roof on a property is an essential element to any home, which is why these replacement tips are put in place to assist homeowners ensure the roof they choose is the best choice and ensures that everything in your home is kept safe.

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