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Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile roofs are one of the oldest and best known roofs in the world. Dating back around 12,000 years, these roofs were used in ancient Greek and Roman buildings. Today, the clay tile roof is based on Spanish architecture and are a good choice for warmer climates and fall into the mid range cost category.

Benefits To A Clay Tile Roof


The clay tile roof is a delicate one during the installation process and are prone to breaking and cracking. This means they need to be handled with care during shipping. The installation process can be a long one as each tile needs to be handled correctly to reduce the risk of them breaking prior to installation.

Life Span

Even though the clay tile roof can be delicate before and during installation, this material offers an excellent life span of up to one hundred years. These tiles are weather resistant and the firing process used increases the strength of the tile considerably. Over and above this the tiles often have excellent energy efficiency properties and they also keep their color. Add fire resistance and ability to withstand high winds and it's understandable while the clay tile roof remains such a popular choice today.

Versatility & Options

Locking terra cotta tiles are probably the most popular of the clay tile roofing options. There are also a wide variety of choices available including those that look similar to asphalt shingles, these overlap and are flat in design. There are also S shaped designs. The clay tile roof is very versatile and while you get to choose from a selection of colors, they can also be glazed. Glazing is often used to ensure the tiles are watertight and reduce the risk of moisture absorption.

Clay Tile Roof Prices

Entry to Mid Price Range: $6.00 - $8 psf, including installation.

Mid to High Price Range: $8 - $10 psf, including installation.

More information on clay tile roof costs.

Clay Tile Roof to Disadvantages

Breaks and Cracks

The main disadvantage when it comes to the clay tile roof is their ability to crack during a storm. All it takes is one branch to clip the roof and there will be broken tiles. It's essential the roof is regularly inspected for breaks and cracks. The roof should not be walked on because of the tiles ability to crack with the slightest amount of weight. Use binoculars to check the condition of the roof on a regular basis.

Half Fired Tiles

When choosing a clay tile roof it's important to ensure that the tiles have been completely fired through the tile. In many cases the tiles are half fired, which means they are weaker and can result in a lot of headaches and maintenance further down the line.

Maintaining a Clay Tile Roof

The clay tile roof is a popular choice because of its life span, but they only enjoy this long life span when cared for correctly. Inspection is essential and the roof should be inspected on a regular basis. Any broken or cracked tiles should be repaired and replaced as quickly as possible.

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