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Roofing Estimates

Replacing a roof or choosing a roofing contractor to complete the roofing process on a new build isn't one to be taken lightly, which is why you should be armed with roofing estimates to help you ensure you get the best quality service.

Always Get a Number of Roofing Estimates

Roofing isn't a cheap exercise and when you're paying out a large sum of money, you have the right to know that you are choosing a reputable company with experience in the industry. This is why it's advisable to get a number of roofing estimates. These can be compared against each other and you can determine what each company specializes in. In many cases one company may specialize in a number of different roofing materials, while others may only work in one type of roof. Roofing estimates should be completed free of charge, but this offers you the opportunity to ask questions, determine prices, specifics and timelines.

Compare the Estimates Against Each Other

Roofing estimates can vary dramatically on the same project. Take the roofing estimates you have received and closely compare them against each other. Any small fluctuations in price are expected, but vast differences of twenty percent should be eliminated. Remember when a quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you didn't have the best feeling after meeting one of the roofers or companies, eliminate them now.

Do Your Research

Now is your opportunity to review the estimates you received, by conducting some online research. There are roofing sites you can visit such as http://www.roofing.com, http://www.roofingtalk.com and http://www.contractortalk.com. You can add your projects specifics and see what everyone else has to say. Be sure to include the materials being recommended, the roof size and the costs involved. There are many contractors on these sites that will advise you if the quotes you have received are good or not.

Review Each Company

Before you make any decisions on the roofing estimates you have received you'll want to review each of the companies to ensure they have the experience and qualifications needed to complete your roofing project. The aim is to determine their overall experience with the materials you want to use and the type of roof you have. Further check for reviews on Angie's List, Google Places and yelp.com, along with BBB. These will ensure that the roofing contractor you are looking at has good customer reviews.

Other important considerations including whether they have the necessary insurance in place and whether they are licensed in your state to carry out the work you need completing. It's always advisable to get at least three references from previous customers, discuss their experience and ensure they are happy with the overall job that was completed.

Cost Negotiation

Each estimate should be broken down into components. This will assist you when it comes down to making a final decision. Have a look over the remaining roofing estimates and see where the estimates are higher than others, this is your chance to discuss this with the contractor and see if you can lower their price. In some cases they may have charged a high demolition price, but the demo isn't what they were anticipating, giving you something to work with. Pointing out a specific area of the estimate makes it easier to get them to renegotiate the price.

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