Explore Copper Roofing Prices


Copper Roofing Pricing

Copper roof costs and prices range from $16 to $24 per square foot fully installed. Copper is one of the most expensive roofing materials (only slate is more expensive) and the most expensive metal roofing options. It is also one of the strongest and visually striking roofing materials that can add significant visual appeal to a home. Explore material pricing, installation costs and completed project pricing.

-- Price Range: $16 to $24 per square foot installed --

Material Cost For Copper Shingles

The material cost for copper shingles should run in the range of $13 to $15 per square foot or $130 to $150 per square. Copper shingles are typically a bit thinner than panes and often are warrantied for a shorter period than panels. There are a number of different copper shingle grades and designs to choose from that will affect the material cost. Manufacturers produce copper shingles that can resemble asphalt shingles and concrete tiles, as well as completely distinctive shapes.

-- Material Price Range: $13 to $15 psf --

Material Cost For Copper Panels

The material cost for standing seam copper panels should run in the range of $15 to $17 per square foot or $150 or $175 per square. Panels tend to have a more commercial look, depending on the gauge and size of the panels. Many residential roofs use a glossier and reflective panel that brings a bit more pop to the overall look of the roof.

-- Material Price Range: $15 to $17 psf --

Installation Pricing

Installation pricing for copper roofing should run $3 to $8 per square foot. Labor costs on copper roof are on par with other metal roofing options such as tin and stainless steel. Some of the factors that will affect installation pricing include the slope of the roof, the installation pattern, the number of obstacles that must be roofed around, whether or not the existing roof must be torn off and the overall experience and price of the contractors themselves.

-- Installation Costs: $3 – $8 psf installed --

Completed Copper Shingle Roof

The completed cost of a copper shingle roof is $16 to $20 per square foot. Compare this to all replacement roof projects by the square foot.

-- Total Project Cost: $16 – $20 psf installed --

Completed Copper Panel Roof

The completed cost of a copper standing seam panel roof is $20 to $24 per square foot. Try our metal roof price calculator for more pricing options on all types of metal reroofing projects.

-- Total Project Cost: $20 – $24 psf installed --