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Metal Roof Options

Metal roof options aren't always the first choice for homeowners, but they are increasing in popularity. This type of roofing is strong and durable, requires barely any maintenance and is visually very appealing. The main reason that many homeowners hesitate before choosing a this option is the cost of a metal roof.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

Life Span

A metal roof can last in the region of eighty years, in some cases this has been considerably longer. The metal is covered in a galvanization or coating, which helps the roof last a longer time. The reason that a metal roof is such a good choice is fact this is a highly durable material which doesn't require much maintenance.


Metal roof material is sustainable, which is another reason it has grown in popularity. When the roof is removed, it can be reused and recycled, but a homeowner can also purchase a roof material from recycled materials, this can reduce the roofing cost. Recycled steel is the most common choice.


The coating which covers a metal roof is reflective. This means that adding this type of roofing material to a property can help keep cooling and heating costs down. The reflective coating available for this roof type is available in a selection of colors.

Metal Roof Costs


Aluminum is the cheapest of the metal roof materials available on the market. This particular material is durable and visually appealing. The benefit is because the material is so light; it makes installation an easy process. Aluminum is also very malleable, which makes it a good choice for all roof shapes.

-- Price Range: $7 to $15 psf installed --


Copper has been used for roofing for many years and is probably the most popular of the metal roof options. Copper is long lasting and it offers a spectacular finish to a property. This metal is durable and weather resistant. Copper remains popular even though it is an expensive option.

-- Price Range: $16 to $24 psf installed --


Lead is feared by many homeowners who believe this metal roof material to be completely unsafe. The truth is that lead is safe when used on the roof; this material only becomes hazardous with direct contact. Placing lead on the roof is a safe option; it's visually appealing and a quality material.


Steel roofs have been known for lasting one hundred years, even more. This is a very strong and resistant material. While the price is on the higher side of the scale, when taking the durability and life span into consideration, it is worth the price.

-- Price Range: $5 to $14 per square foot installed --


Zinc is often a preferred choice for particular climates. Zinc isn't that common and is found mostly in Europe. The advantages to zinc are that the color and style of the roof can be changed to meet the homeowner's specific requirements and enhance the property.

-- Price Range: $13 to $20 psf installed --

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