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Copper Roof

Copper roofs been used on various types of buildings for centuries. It is the most popular of metal roofs because it can be custom made to fit any property with ease and over the years takes on a very distinctive look. There are disadvantages associated with a copper roof such as its ongoing maintenance to reduce the risks of corrosion and fading, as well the fact that the price of copper is constantly fluctuating.

The Basics

A copper roof is installed similar to any other roofing material when copper shingles are chosen. Other than being slightly heavier with sharp edges the installation process is the same. The other option is metal sheeting which requires a quality contractor with experience with this type of roofing to ensure the job is done correctly. This is because of the weight, making it a harder installation job for those that don't use the material often.

Copper Roof Prices

A copper roof will cost in the region of $16 - $24 per square foot. This equates to around $1600 to $2,400 per square.

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Copper Roof to Advantages

Long Life Span

A copper roof does come with a host of advantages. When you look at a fiberglass roof, for example, it is a cheaper roofing material. But when it comes to lifespan, the copper will last fifty years, if not more longer. While the price may fluctuate and a copper roof may be an expensive exercise, this can give peace in the fact that it will last for many years. Copper also has the ability to age while holding onto their visual appeal.

A Touch of Charm

A copper roof can add a charming aspect to a new home. The good news is that copper can add a beautiful finish to any style of property. This material is very versatile and the durability is what makes it such a popular choice. A copper roof will also function well in any environment.

Color Over Time

Copper over time will change how it looks as it interacts with the environment. With regular treatments the copper roof can remain golden and bright. Many people allow their copper roof to age with grace, when it gives a green finish to the gold.


Anyone who is working towards a greener environment will appreciate a copper roof. While these roofs are not made from recycled materials, when they are removed they can be melted down and used to make a variety of products, including new roofs.

Copper Roof to Disadvantages


The biggest disadvantage of a copper roof is the price. Because copper is a metal, the price is constantly fluctuating. This makes it exceptionally difficult when planning a roof replacement. While the price is more than the other roofing materials on the market, the durability and life span of this material is what pays for itself over the years.


A copper roof will have its noises, some people love the sound of rain or hail on a copper roof, while others will find the sound rather frustrating. Most people become used to the sound of their copper roof.

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