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Fiberglass Roof

Fiberglass roof materials are used both in the residential and commercial industry. These roofs are very versatile, reasonable in price and come with a range of advantages, which adds to their popularity throughout the country.

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Fiberglass Roof to The Basics

A fiberglass roof is made from a range of ingredients mixed together with glass fibers. Due to the manufacturing process, this roofing material enables property owners to choose the color they desire. Another benefit is because of the way fiberglass roof is made, it's available in panels, sheets and shingles. Fiberglass is versatile enough to look just like wood or slate. It is usually glazed which improves its waterproofing abilities and ensures it is durable.

Fiberglass Roof to Prices

Fiberglass roofing is cost effective, which makes it a firm favorite for many homeowners. Often fiberglass roof can be purchased for up to seventy percent less than many of the other roofing materials available on the market today. This is also a very durable roofing material with a long life span.

Entry Level: $3 to $4

Mid Range: $4 to $5

High End: $5 to $6

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Advantages of Fiberglass Roofs


In most cases a quality fiberglass roof will last around thirty years, if not more. Many companies offering this roofing material give their warranties for longer than thirty years.


Because fiberglass roofing is so light, it is exceptionally easy to install. This enables many homeowners with DIY knowledge to install the roof themselves.

Style Choices

Because fiberglass roof is so versatile, homeowners get a selection of styles and colors to choose rom. When made the color is used throughout the panel, reducing the risk of the color fading over time. This type of roofing material is also available in a transparent option, which is perfect for homeowners who want an abundance of natural light flowing into their property. The transparent fiberglass roof is preferred for patios and greenhouses.

Resistant to Corrosion

A fiberglass roof has a lot of resistant capabilities against corrosion, rust, rot, mold and mildew. This type of roof is shatter resistant, another benefit to choosing this particular roofing material.

Resistant to Fire

Fiberglass roof material is very fire resistant, making it a preferred choice in areas with extreme heat or wild fires.

Very Little Maintenance

The biggest advantage to a fiberglass roof is that they barely need any maintenance. Now and then a homeowner may need to get their hose pipe out to wash off debris, but that is about all that needs to be done.



Most homeowners will find a fiberglass roof comes in various panels. These are then installed in sections on the roof. Corrugated fiberglass panels are one of the more popular choices. They are strong, heavy duty and are very stable. They interlock into each other making them weather resistant. This type of roofing can handle a sudden change in temperature, heavy rain and even high winds. Water runs off the panels with ease due to the grooves, reducing the risk of leaks.


Sheeting is another popular choice for those looking for a fiberglass roof. This is when a homeowner covers an entire roof in one piece. This means no seams, making sheeting perfect for flat roofs.


Fiberglass shingles are probably the most used fiberglass roof for homes. They are installed the same way a contractor would install an asphalt shingle, except these are available in an abundance of colors, textures and designs.

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