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Composite Roof

Composite roofs are a popular choice for many homeowners who are looking for durable, convenient and cost effective replacement roof option. While still pretty new on the roofing market, this type of roof is safe, affordable and visually appealing. Composite roofs come in a choice of colors to blend in with any home. They can also withstand just about any weather condition and is a quick and easy roofing material when it comes to installation.

Composite Roof to The Basics

A composite roof is usually made from a number of materials including recycled paper, wood, fiberglass, plastic and more. These materials are bonded together either with resin or a laminate. Each material offers a different appearance, some are even coated in asphalt to improve their UV and water resistance.

Composite Roof Panels

When looking for a composite roof, the homeowner finds rectangular sheets rather than the normal tiles or panels. The benefit is that the large sheets make installation a fast and effective process, saving time and energy. When you think that in most cases a roof replacement is expensive because of the labor, using this roofing material can dramatically reduce the cost of a roof replacement. Sometimes when installation is finished, this material can be made to look like shingles, wood or even slate. There are so many colors, shapes and styles to choose from, enabling this material to be used on most homes.

Pricing & Labor Costs

A composite roof is a cost effective solution when roofing a property. The material itself can be pricy, but there is almost always a significant saving when it comes to labor. Composite roofs also have a good life span and don't require much maintenance, making them a worthwhile choice for homeowners.

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Composite Roofing to Advantages

Energy Efficiency

Depending on where the property is located, a composite roof can offer exceptional energy efficiency. In colder climates, the roof will retain the heat reducing heating bills and in warmer climate is can reduce the amount spent on cooling. In warmer climates most homeowners choose a lighter colored composite roof and incorporate good insulation to reduce the heat entering the home and helping keep the property cool.

Maintenance Free

Composite roofing doesn't require a lot of maintenance, if any. In most cases the only maintenance required is to remove algae that is building up on the roof by using a chemical solution. Taking the time to remove leaves and sweeping can eliminate the amount of algae. Composite roofs are not safe from storms, so it's always advisable to inspect the roof after a storm to ensure there is no damage.


A composite roof including installation is a cost effective roofing solution. Those that live in areas that are prone to fires and hurricanes may find that they will need to pay for repairs from time to time due to any damage caused.


In most cases a homeowner looking at a composite roof for their property can expect a warranty up to fifty years, in some cases. There are even some companies offering lifetime warranties because the material is so durable and can last such a long time. Before the material is sold it is usually tested for fire and hurricane winds, ensuring it is safe to be used.

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