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Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar shake roofs offer lots of great qualities, including a natural or country feel to a home. They fall into the mid range price of available roofing materials. Learn the basics, price range, advantages and disadvantages of cedar shingle roofing.

Cedar Shake Roof to Benefits

Visual Appeal

Cedar is a very popular choice which adds richness to the overall home design. This renewable resource also offers a natural look which is rustic and beautiful.

Weather Resistant

Cedar shake roofs can be exceptionally weather resistant if installed correctly. They can withstand high winds, hail and driving rain.


The cedar shake roof is known to improve energy efficiency in the home when installed properly. They have much higher insulation properties than the asphalt shingles which is highly advantageous when trying to keep your energy bills to a minimum.


Cedar shake roofs have a decent life span and can easily last up to twenty five years, if not more. They come with good warranties that cover them for their life time. Asphalt roofs, which are the other popular choice will only last up to twenty years.

Cedar Shake Roof Prices

A cedar shake roof can cost in the region of $6 to $9 per square foot. When comparing them to asphalt shingles, this price is about five times higher than the asphalt options. There is a shortage of cedar which increases the price dramatically, further the installation cost is considerably more due to the nature of the installation.

Cedar Shake Roof to Disadvantages


Cedar shake roofs are not ideal for hot areas that are prone to fires. Because these roofs are made from natural materials, they are not fire resistant. They can be treated with a fire retardant additive to add that fire resistant layer to the property if the homeowner specifically wants a cedar shake roof.


A cedar shake roof will take longer to install than other types of roofs. These roofs are better when each shake is individually nailed in place, which can take time. While a air nailer can be used, this can cause the shake to split, which means each shake needs to be nailed by hand. Only galvanized nails should be used during the installation process, another consideration is to include zinc strips to prevent moss growth. Also bear in mind that cedar shake should not be used on a flat roof.

Insurance Premiums

In some cases a cedar shake roof may increase the premiums being paid on the home insurance. There are a number of reasons for this, but mainly because these shingles are not considered fire resistant and due to their price and being placed in a premium product category, the premiums may increase. This is why it's always advisable to speak to the insurance company about any alternations and additions being done to the property first to see how any changes will impact the amount payable in terms of insurance.


A cedar shake roof will require regular maintenance. Again, this is a natural product and therefore will be affected by sun exposure and water. In order to ensure the roof offers years of service, regular maintenance is required to ensure the roof is always in excellent condition throughout the year.

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