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Tin Roofs

Tin roofs aren't the most common roofing option, maninly due their considerable price tag. However, tin does offer a very distinctive look which works beautifully with both traditional and modern homes. While the price is pretty high for the material, it offers a long life span which can make the initial cost worthwhile. Learn more about the basics, costs and advantages associate with tin roofing.

Tin Roof to The Basics

A tin roof falls under the metal roof category. In most instances these roofs are made of around eighty percent lead with tin as the outer coating. The tin protects the lead from corroding and makes the roof strong, able to withstand weather conditions and last for decades. Some of the tin roofs which were installed in the 1900's are in place today. There are a number of options available to provide a choice of styles and finished looks including sheets, standing seams and shingles.

Tin Roof Pricing

A tin roof price can vary dramatically from $12 to $20 per square foot. The price is based on the type of roof chosen; sheets work out less than shingles or seam panels. Each region has different installation prices as well, which need to be taken into consideration.

Tin Roof Advantages


A tin roof can enhance the look of any home. For a sleek finish, the standing seams work really well, while those looking for a more traditional finish can choose shingles. A rustic finish is completed by using the sheets, which have a rippled effect.


The majority of metal roofs have a weak point which is prone to leaking, it is the seams. Each seam offers a point of entry for moisture; this can result in a damaged roof or rust. The standing seam roofing options don't have that problem as they run along the roof from top to bottom; this reduces the risk of the water being caught in the seams and thereby reduces the risk of leaks.


Tin is a very durable and strong material that can last for many years. In general a metal roof will last much longer than clay, ceramic or wooden roof. When properly installed this roofing material can last centuries, withstanding snow, rain and winds. When looking at the high price tag, it's important to take the life span into consideration.


As with any roofing material, a tin roof will come with some disadvantages which needs to be weighed up with the many benefits associated with this type of roofing to make an informed decision on whether this is the right roofing material for the project.


There aren't that many contractors that work with a tin roof. This means that it may take some time to find a contractor with experience to handle the roof installation. This means that installation costs can be increased because it's a specialist skill.

Color Choices

There aren't as many colors when it comes to a tin roof as with the other roofing materials available on the market. So many homeowners enjoy choosing from a selection of colors when designing their roof, but with the tin roof they are very limited. In most cases a tin roof is available in green, red, and gray and brown.


A tin roof does have an advantage that it requires limited maintenance, but it does need some maintenance from time to time. The one important consideration is any other metals on the roof, such as a chimney. The metals need to be kept apart in order for the roof to perform at its best. It's imperative to check the caulking and paint on a regular basis, remove any debris and manage any rust as it happens. In most cases a patch of rust or damaged area can be easily repaired with a patch and soldering iron.

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