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Synthetic Slate Roof

Synthetic slate roof have become a very popular choice. This roofing material is visually appealing, durable and safe and often chosen over the original slate roofs.

Synthetic Slate Roof to The Basics

The synthetic slate roof has the ability to create a spectacular finish to any property. It's not easy when trying to differentiate between the real slate and the synthetic roofing option. Installation is an easy process thanks to the ridge and hip shingles used. This also makes any repairs a quick and effective process. This isn't the best choice for flat roofs, but works really well with gabled and hipped roofs.

Synthetic Slate Roof Costs

Entry to Middle Range - $10 - $15 per square foot. This works out to around $1,000 - $1,500 per square installed.

Middle to Higher Range - $15 - $20 per square foot, working out to between $1,500 and $2,000 per square installed.

Synthetic Slate Roof Benefits

Aesthetic Appeal

A synthetic slate roof can be a beautiful addition to any property. Because it's so difficult to differentiate between the real slate and synthetic, this material has increased in popularity with homeowners throughout the country.


The synthetic material used is exceptionally strong and highly wind resistant. It's a stronger material than many of the other roofing materials used including gravel and asphalt roofs. In most cases these tiles offer a 50 year warranty and the tiles can last in the region of one hundred years when maintained properly.


A slate roof generally tends to be a heavy material, but the synthetic slate weights about the same as clay tiles, this means they put less strain on the structure of the property and make installation a little easier.


Installation of a synthetic slate roof can be a quick and easy process as the tiles are nailed into place using standard roof nails. Authentic slate requires specialist nails and extreme care during installation.


A synthetic slate roof is still considered expensive, but is a cost effective choice if looking at real slate. Because it's difficult to differentiate between the two, many homeowners are choosing synthetic and saving on the materials and installation costs involved in their roof replacement.

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