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Living Roof Systems

Living roof systems are a modular system which creates an easy living roof, perfect for those who want to plant some plants and leave them to grow. For a living roof system, the homeowner shouldn't have their heart set on certain plants. The system is so easy and comprises of a number of modules, which are quick and easy to install.

Living Roof System Basics

The design of a living roof is a tedious process. It's not only choosing which plants to use, but there are many design elements that need to be taken into consideration, including the composition and depth of the soil. The living roof system layout is based on various factors, which include the plants and the space available. From when the roof design is completed, the overall build can take a long time and can be quite an expensive exercise. Once the roof is completed, it will take some time before the plants start to grow and complement the property. It's not an overnight system, which is why so many homeowners choose the modular system, which is quicker and much easier.

Living Roof System Types


Grid systems will cost around $20 psf, fully installed. This living roof system is used on flat and low sloped roofs. The roof will be covered with various boxes. The boxes are often made of metal or plastic and are filled with soil. The plants are then set in the boxes making them easily accessible. This is advantageous should the roof ever need repair, the boxes can be moved without too much effort. Another advantage to the grid system is that the boxes and plants can be replaced should one of them ever be damaged. While this appears an easy and simple process, many homeowners feel they don't get adequate drainage using the grid system.


Tile systems will cost in the region of $10 psf, fully installed. The tile system is made using a base layer which is then layered with soil. Only a thin soil layer is used and these are ideal choices for low sloping roofs. The tile system has also been successful on steep roofs, as long as retention systems are in place. These are easy when it comes to installation, but the tiles can be fragile when compared to the grid systems.


Mat systems will cost around $25 psf, fully installed. The mats are similar to sod. They come in a long strip, making them easy when it comes to installation. The mats offer a very uniform appearance and can be used on just about any roofing type, often with the assistance of a retention system. Mats need to be watered on a regular basis, when left to dry out the mats will shrink, killing the new plants in the process.

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