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Living Roof Design

Living roof design has increased in popularity. While still considered new by many homeowners, this type of roofing has been used for many years throughout the world. A living room design incorporates architecture, construction, art and landscaping to create a spectacular roof space.

Living Roof Design to The Basics

A living room design is based on what the homeowner is looking to achieve with their roof space. Most living roofs will have one or two soil layers. When it comes to a single layer, these are the perfect choice for a gently sloped roof with good drainage and very low maintenance. Double layers ensure a separate drainage and soil layer and are good for flat or low sloping roofs.

Living Roof Design Factors


A living roof design is based on various factors including the shape and size. What many homeowners forget is that this type of roof is considerably heavy, so it's essential to ensure the property is structurally strong enough to hold a roof of this type. Other factors which influence a living roof design are the weather pattern in the area, sun angles and shade. A living roof can weight around 7lb per each square foot, that weight is based on an inch of soil while wet. When this roof is to be used as an entertainment area as well, structural support is essential to reduce the risk of the roof collapsing.

Other Considerations

A living roof design can add flexibility for a family, taking their specific needs into consideration. These roofs can grow almost any plant type, making it exceptionally useful and different. This can enhance the overall look of the property.

Gardening Requirements

A living roof design won't require the on-going roofing maintenance that many other roofing types require. At the same time the garden side will require gardening from time to time. In order to enjoy the benefits of a living roof design, the roof will require regular fertilization, trimming and weeding.

Setting Goals

A living roof design is always based around the homeowner's specific requirements and what they are looking to achieve out of the space. Many homeowners are looking for an environmentally friendly roof, while other homeowners are looking for an additional space to entertain their guests. Whatever the purpose, the structural support is the most important aspect. The support must be strong enough to manage the activities taking place on the roof, while remaining visually appealing.

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