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Corrugated Roof

Corrugated roof materials vary. This name is given to any roof which has a ridge and grooved pattern. This type of roofing is usually available as sheets or panels and comes in a range of colors, designs and materials. While it's not often used for flat roofs, it does meet the requirements of a majority of roofs throughout the country.

Corrugated Roof Basics

A corrugated roof used to be made by hand, but with improvements in technology, these days it's made by machine. This type of roof uses a groove and ridge, which is called roll forming. This process then improves the strength of the roof, assisting with water runoff and is exceptionally durable. While the sheets or panels may feel lightweight, they are very strong and durable, thanks to the production methods used in today's industry.

Corrugated Roof Prices

Galvanized Steel - $20 to $25 per sheet

Copper - $40 to $50 per sheet

Plastic - $30 per sheet corrugated roofing prices

Corrugated Roof to Types


Metal is probably the most popular of the corrugated roofing materials. These come in a range of metals from copper and tine to aluminum and galvanized steel. While these remain lightweight, they are very durable and strong and can withstand various weather conditions. The benefit is they are easily transported, while the disadvantage is that this material can be noisy when it comes to heavy rain.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement corrugated roofing is often used due to its durability, strength and versatility. It is more affordable than metal sheeting and is highly weather resistant, making it a good choice.


Fiberglass corrugated roof panels and sheets have been used for many years and are often associated with the lower end property market. With the improvements in technology, the fiberglass corrugated roof is strong, durable and exceptionally cost effective. The downside to this material is that it is translucent, which allows light to enter into the home, this material can also crack and splinter over the years.

Duralita Cardboard Cement

This type of corrugated roof material is colored and looks like clay panels, which is why it's become such a popular choice. This roof is made from tiles which are installed using rubber washers and bolts. Lamina is the most sought-after choice and comes in sheets making it easy to install.

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