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Cool Roof

A cool roof is a relatively generic term for any roofing materials that doesn't absorb the sun's heat, but instead reflects the UV sunlight. The result is a cooler, more energy efficient home that is both cost effective and often more comfortable, especially in the hot summer months.

Cool Roof Basics

A cool roof isn't a specific type of roof, onstead it'sthea name that is given to roofing materials that have the ability to reflect the sun's rays and thereby reduce the heat that enters the home. These roofs come with a host of advantages, including the amount of energy they save by reducing the heat in the home. In some cases homeowners are able to save up to twenty percent on their air conditioning bill. Cool roofs are a good choice for any home with a mounted air conditioning unit on the actual roof. The lower temperature reduce the wear and tear on the unit, which can certainly increase the longevity of the unit. Another bonus is the durability of cool roofs. They tend to last a long time without the normal wear and tear most roofs experience from sustained UV expsoure.

Cool Roof Prices

Foam Roof - $4 to $11 per square foot fully installed, or roughly $400 and $1,100 per square.

Rubber Roof - $5 to $12 per square foot fully installed or roughly $500 and $1,200 per square.

Metal Roof - $10 to $24 per square foot fully installed or roughly $1,000 and $2,400 per square.

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Rating Council

The Cool Roof Rating Council, also known as CRRC, measures the various cool roof materials and the heating effects on various surfaces. This non-profit group makes it possible for homeowners to check with them to determine the effectiveness of their roofing material. This enables homeowners looking at a cool roof to get an honest opinion of the effectiveness of the material.

Save on Energy

A cool roof will reflect any heat away from the roof, enabling them to keep a cool surface temperature. This means that the heat isn't transferred into the property, helping homeowners reduce their air conditioning costs considerably.

Urban Heat Island Reduced

An urban heat island is the term used for urban areas, which tend to be much warmer than any rural areas. In most cases there is a ten degree difference between an urban and rural area. The reason for this is urban areas are made up of materials which absorb heat and they are all so close to each other, it becomes a heat trap. During the summer this increases energy costs considerably as homeowners try and cool their homes. The cool roof can assist with this, helping to keep the temperature in the home cool.

Recycled Materials

Most manufacturers that make cool roofs have started using nontoxic and recycled materials in their roofing materials. This results in many of the materials using more renewable resources and thereby lowering the cost. For additional pricing, see our cool roofing calculator.


A cool roof has a good life span. This is because they aren't prone to wear and tear which is caused by the suns UV rays. Also they are less likely to trap any moisture below the shingles.

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