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Composite Roof Shingles

Composite roof shingles are probably the most popular roofing choice for homeowners today. Composite shingles are made from a number of materials, which are bonded together to form a durable roofing surface that is affrodable and made to last.

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Composite Roof Shingles to The Basics

Each of the composite roof shingles are made from a medley of materials, some natural, which are thrown together and them compressed to make a single shingle. Often these are made from a combination of recycled plastic, hemp, wood, slate, fiberglass and other materials. In some cases the shingles are then covered in asphalt, which improves their waterproof and UV protection.

Composite Roof Shingle to Price

Low to Medium Range - $2.75 - $4.25 per square foot, fully installed.

Middle to Higher Range - $4.25 - $5.75 per square foot, fully installed.

The price of a composite roof shingle is based on the thickness of the shingle, the materials used, size and coloring, along with some other factors.

Composite Roof Shingles to Advantages


The first and most important of the advantages associated with the composite roof shingles is their durability. These are often very strong shingles that can last up to fifty years when installed correctly. They are not prone to cracks, splinters or peels and often come with a lifetime warranty. When looking at regular shingles, the warranties are often around the twenty year mark, making the composite roof shingles a good option.

Visual Appeal

The composite roof shingles come in some many different colors, textures and styles that they can be used to enhance the exterior of any home. Sometimes they can look like wooden shingles, perfect for a traditional home. Overall the advantage to these particular shingles is that the color doesn't fade too much over time.


Often a homeowner will be given the ability to add various benefits to their new composite roof shingles such as reducing their risk of growing moss to making them UV resistant and so much more.


The good news is that the composite roof shingles are easy to install and are almost maintenance free once they are in place. Should any repairs be needed a number of shingles or just one can often be repaired in the shortest space of time. Flat shingles can even have the replacement put over them, reducing the repair process dramatically.

Weather Conditions

Composite roof shingles are often chosen because they can withstand almost all weather conditions. They can retain heat, which needs to be noted for warmer climates.

Composite Roof Shingles to The Downside

Absorb Heat

Most composite shingles will have asphalt placed over them to protect against UV rays and make them more water resistant. This comes with its own downside, the asphalt retains the heat, making composite not the best choice for very hot climates.

Algae and Moss

Moss and algae are mostly found in very wet areas and any home which is exposed to moisture has the risk of moss and algae build up on their shingles. This is the only maintenance required, the algae and moss must be removed regularly to avoid damage to the shingles. Leaving the algae on the roof can eventually result in unwanted leaks, which in turn will damage the interior of the home. Contractors will remove unwanted algae and moss using a chemical solution. Though to keep the roof in good condition all leaves should be blown off the roof regularly.

Petroleum Base

It's important to do homework before throwing any composite roof singles on a landfill as some can be petroleum based.

Composite Roof Shingles to Options


Laminate composite roof shingles are the popular choice. They are made up of various layers to improve thickness. These are sometimes called architectural shingles and come with a good warranty of up to fifty years.

Premium Laminate

The premium laminate options are larger and thicker than the laminate choices. They usually include algae resistance and UV resistance, adding convenience to the package. In most cases the warranties for these roofing shingles can be more than fifty years, some even have a lifetime warranty.


Strip is the basic choice. These can vary dramatically based on their durability and visual appeal. There are so many factors associated to this option including their alignment, shape and tabs. These are often called four tab or three tab shingles and the warranties are usually between twenty to thirty years.

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