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Built Up Roofs

Built up roofs are one of the most reliable and oldest roofing options for a home. They are much less popular today than they once were, mainly because they are messy and somewhat dangerous for the roofer. On the plus side, they are one of the least expensive options in the residential roofing market.

Built Up Roof Basics

A built up roof is made up of a number of felt layers that are then laminated together using bitumen. They are then covered by a final layer of gravel or asphalt, which is added while the bitumen is still hot. This roofing option is used on flat and low sloped roofs and have a decent life span of up to twenty five years. Weather, location, material, slope and surface material all play a role in how long this roofing type will last. Another factor is whether the homeowner chooses three or five ply, obviously the five ply lasts longer, but is slightly more expensive.

Built Up Roof Prices

Low to Middle Cost Range: $2.75 - $4.75 per square foot

Middle to High Cost Range: $4.25 - $5.75 per square foot.

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Built Up Roof Advantages


A built up roof is a very affordable roofing option. The overall cost and price to repair the roof are low, which makes them exceptionally appealing to homeowners. Homeowners can patch these roofs themselves fairly easily and at a very low cost, although eventually they will need to be replaced by a professional roofer.


Because the built up roof is made up from a number of layers, these layers offer excellent protection. When combined with insulation they can offer a good thermal protection for the entire home, as long as the seams don't split or crack.


The built up roof is not considered the most reliable when it comes to the roofing options available, but because of the multiple layers, they do reduce the risk of leaks. These are a good choice for flat roofs or roof gardens and can handle homeowners walking on them with ease.


Leak When Age

Over time, the built up roof can begin to crack and split, this can result in unwanted leaks. The cracks are usually caused by the suns UV rays.

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