Learn About Styles Of Roofs


Styles Of Roofs

When it comes to styles of roofs, people are surprised to know there are actually only three types. There are flat, gabled and hipped. But then there are the variations and those are limitless, this is where all the choices come into play. When it comes to styles of roofs it's a good idea to know what materials and variations are available for your roofing project.

Gable Roofs

Gable are a very common type of roof and probably the simplest when it comes to styles of roofs. These are normally very easy to install and affordable. Gable roofs tend to be the most cost effective of all roofing types, even when dormers are added or the pitch is increased.

Hipped Roofs

The second most popular styles of roofs is the hipped roof. These have four sides that connect in each corner making a pyramid style. Other designs may be triangular, always joining in the corners. Hipped roofs tend to use more materials because of the way they are constructed, yet if you put a hipped and gabled roof next to each other that have the same pitch height, they will be exactly the same in terms of size. Hipped roofs aren't overly expensive until you start adding other features, like dormers.


Once the main style of roof has been decided on, it's time to start looking at the many variations available to choose the best fit for the style of home. Mansard roofs are high pitched roofs, where the peak has been replaced by a flat section. Shed roofs are called half-gables and are used on smaller builds.


Dormers are exceptionally popular in many style of home and comprise of a window design which is decorative. Dormers are possible without a window, though in most cases they incorporate the window which allows for additional natural light to flow into the space. Dormers are used in converted attics when the homeowner wants to allow a natural light flow into the room.

Rooftop Patios and Gardens

Rooftop gardens are exceptionally popular in built up city areas and can be a welcome additional space to the property. These are usually added to a flat roof, but if they are installed incorrectly they can lead to a lot of headaches, including leaks and unwelcome water damage inside the property.

Slope Of The Roofline

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