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Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified bitumen roofs are a common choice for a flat or low sloped roof due to the reasonable price compared to other methods and materials. This method is very similar to a built up roof and is considered a bit old school by many contractors and industry experts.

Modified Bitumen Roof Basics

A modified bitumen roof is usually made from rolled asphalt sheets. These sheets are added to the surface of the roof and then finished with a variety of different methods. Some of the popular methods include self-adhesion, heat welding, cold processing and hot mopping. Heat weld is the most common method for this roofing material, especially when the modified bitumen roof has asphalt on one side. The torching process adheres the sheets to the subsurface.

Entry to Mid Range Pricing

$2.75 - $4.25 per square foot installed

$275 and $425 per square installed

Mid to High End Pricing

$4.25 - $6 per square foot installed

$425 to $600 per square installed

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Modified Bitumen Roof Benefits

Durability and Versatility

A modified bitumen roof has excellent elasticity which helps in hot and cooler weather conditions. The material isn't brittle and therefor can last a very long time.

Effective Roofing Method

A modified bitumen roof is to be used on low or flat roofs. The method used is effective and incorporates waterproofing. Most contractors will advise this to be called a cool roof, which is a name given to a roof which reflects the heat rather than absorbing it.

Cost Effective

This type of roofing material is considered cost effective when comparing it to many of the other roofing materials available on the market today. The price a homeowner will pay is on par with asphalt shingles or built up roofs. When it comes to life span and quality, the modified bitumen roof comes out on top.


Heat Weld Installation

It's essential that the contractor used for a modified bitumen roof project has extensive experience with this particular material. The torch used can cause some damage to the subsurface, if not used correctly. This is probably why so many homeowners choose the self-adhesive roof over the heat weld.

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